Peers out of her cave, 1 year later…

Well, it's been a proper year since I DNS'd my 50 Miler at Rocky Raccoon. I've mourned. I've eaten my emotions, I've felt not-enough, I've murdered my own confidence, and I've very sufficiently lost myself. And that stops now. Sometimes, you have to send out a hail Mary, so here is mine. I'm going to … Continue reading Peers out of her cave, 1 year later…


Rocky Raccoon 50M Race Report – the race that never was

As a brief recap, my running world has been great this year. I was accepted by Jenn Shelton for coaching last spring, and have thus gotten stronger and faster and more confident. After some months working together, we decided I was ready for a 50 miler. I chose Rocky. In January, I was accepted by … Continue reading Rocky Raccoon 50M Race Report – the race that never was

Shoe Drop Questions Answered

Just kidding! You should all know by now that I don't actually know useful science, in this capacity. However, if you'd like to discuss the deleterious effects of estrogen on the rat middle cerebral artery, or the systemic hypotensive effects of testosterone, I can totally hang. This post, however, will be mostly ridiculousness. What is … Continue reading Shoe Drop Questions Answered

Race Report: Mission Tejas 50K

Mission Tejas is a new race put on by my favorite race putters-onners, Trail Racing Over Texas.┬áIt is the third of their races I've signed up for, and the first I have finished. One day, I'll write about Satan's Ballsack Habanero Hundred, but for now, let's let that beast lie. Mission Tejas is located in … Continue reading Race Report: Mission Tejas 50K

InkNBurn Shorts Review

This summer, I had the opportunity to review a pair of long shorts for InkNBurn. I had thoughts. Most of those were positive! Definitely will be buying more of these! Read on... INKnBURN is a company known for vibrant, fun patterns, and limited editions of items. Part of the appeal is their ever-rotating collections and … Continue reading InkNBurn Shorts Review

Eating healthy, Trying to be an awesome mom, ALL THE FAILURE

Have you ever heard of Jack Fruit? I've seen it online all over the place lately. It's huge and weird and exotic, and apparently the fancy new super food de jure. It looks like this: The exterior is prickly, and hard, in a weirdly artistic, mind-numbing, hypnotic sort of way. Upon first view, I assume … Continue reading Eating healthy, Trying to be an awesome mom, ALL THE FAILURE

An Ode to Taco Cabana Bean Tacos

My body is depleted after running under God's broiler, set on high. Texas' July sun has no friends - only weak underlings it enjoys frying like ants under a plastic magnifying lens from a $5 science kit. I am overcooked, only not-burnt thanks to my blankie of spf 80, the chosen armour of the gingers. … Continue reading An Ode to Taco Cabana Bean Tacos

Am I a real runner?

What makes a real runner? We tell new runners that simply running makes one a runner. We tell them that pace and distance don't matter, that once they've gone left foot, right foot, repeat, that they are runners. Simultaneously, however, seasoned runners start making checklists for themselves on what is required to be a real … Continue reading Am I a real runner?

Rocky Mountain High – a family vacation

For the first time since our honeymoon (2009), we took a real vacation. Thanks to the Miller Family, we were able to spend SEVEN DAYS in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. For four flatlanders, this was a huge deal. I like to consider us a family of runners, including the 4 yr old, so a week … Continue reading Rocky Mountain High – a family vacation