Because a school teacher shouldn’t have a blog with the word “tits” in it…

If you’ve known me for a while, you know I used to blog at and you know that it started as a fund-raising blog for breast cancer, thus making it ok for the blog title to say TITS. My life has evolved a bit since then, and a new blog was necessary.

While that blog was everything from recipes to new-mom chaos, this one will be more running-based, and self-improvement (or at least awareness). There will also be possible public school/education topics, as my running and teaching get blended through my involvement in Lone Star Running Project, a mentoring group for teens.

Peregrination means to travel, especially on foot. It means to journey, to wander, to explore large areas. It is from this word that the Peregrine Falcon takes its name. This falcon is found on every continent, except Antartica. One day, I hope to have found myself on every continent as well, and I know running can take me there.

Until then… Welcome! Profile Pic

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