Unogwaja Day 6

Day 6 - Chris's Story There was an amazing energy in the group the morning of Day 6. We were all coming off of the good vibes of Day 5, we were rejuvenated, regrouped, and ready to push the whole party to the finish.  By this time, almost everyone on the team had experienced a … Continue reading Unogwaja Day 6

Unogwaja Day 5

Day 5 - Chris's Story By Day 5, we were all firmly locked into our routine. Unogwaja was the normal, and our real lives were the mystery hanging in the future.  After the endless, monotonous, leg- and spirit-numbing straight flats of Day 4, Day 5 was a dramatic change. While we spent Day 4 begging for … Continue reading Unogwaja Day 5

Unogwaja Challenge – Arrival & Day 1

The Unogwaja series of blogs will be a collaborative between myself and Unogwaja Chris Adams. Please join us for the stories, the questions, the self-reflection. Feel free to shoot questions into the comment section and Perky will make sure Chris sees them. Chris Adams: It has taken me a full year to bring myself to … Continue reading Unogwaja Challenge – Arrival & Day 1

Run Rabbit, Run – An American Unogwaja’s Story

Run, rabbit run. Dig that hole, forget the sun. When at last your work is done, don't sit down, it's time to dig another one Feature Photo Credit: Chris Adams On May 25, 2017 the next group of Unogwaja will hit the road on an adventure of which they don't even understand the depth... yet. … Continue reading Run Rabbit, Run – An American Unogwaja’s Story

Motherhood – It isn’t all Pinterest & Bluebonnet Pictures

In these hard motherhood times of Pinterest, and Facebook, and GMO-free competitive motherhood, I am grateful I was raised by a real human. Instead of teaching me to french braid, my mom taught me to be outside. I never learned how to do makeup, but I learned how to avoid june bugs in the pool … Continue reading Motherhood – It isn’t all Pinterest & Bluebonnet Pictures

What type of runner are you? And does it matter?

We say lots of things, us runners, and we say them with the conviction of a late-life convert.  We say it's mind over matter. We say it's left foot right foot, repeat. We say it's about rest days. It's about heart rate. It's about nutrition. Latest fads in gear. Zero drop. k-tape. yoga? We revere … Continue reading What type of runner are you? And does it matter?