4 AMAZING things that happen to you when you run “too much”

This post is in response to the article “4 Terrible Things That Happen to Your Body When You Run Too Much” which references a “small study”, which is science for “not statistically significant”, trying to convince us that 26.2 miles is just too hard for our fragile human flesh-vessels. Obviously, I take issue with this article/video for a number of reasons, ranging from the fact that it purposefully pushes not-science in the name of science, to the way it uses video to cram fearful images into people’s brains, because the writer knows that reading isn’t as scary as psuedo-textbook-looking images of cartoon anatomy. However, keeping with brevity and parallelism, I’ll trim it down to the 4 AMAZING things that running “too much” does to your body.

  1. You become stronger. Your entire body gains muscle, curves, power, and that dayummmmm booty that no home workout videos can offer. Your muscles and bones carry you over rocks, roots, & rivers, and in doing so build your legs into gloriously sinewed beasts. If you have time, read this article from The Oatmeal.


    Running makes the yellow things, green things, and pink and purple things bigger = yay!

  2. You get your daily dose of vitamin D. Being in the sun is invigorating. Vitamin D helps with bone density issues, prevents some forms of cancer, and aids in the absorption of phosphorous. You can read more here, at this link that ends in nih.gov, thus being peer-reviewed science.


    Look at that beautiful sun! It’s preventing cancer and making bones stronger!

  3. You sleep better. In a world of pills and potions, the cheapest and most readily available sleep aid is exercise. As sleep acts as recovery for our entire mind/body interaction, it is one of the most overlooked aspects of health. It’s hard to turn off that constant hamster wheel in our heads, and exercise can be the answer. Any ultrarunner can attest to the deep, rejuvinative sleep that comes after running more than 26.2 miles. After running “too much”, you’ve exhausted all possible avenues for thought and worry, and can enter your sheets lighter of mind and heavier of lid.


    Passed out after 31 miles

  4. Bitches dig it. Whether you like girl bitches or boy bitches, bitches dig badasses. Running “too much” makes your body a baddass body, increases your own belief in your badassness, and makes you more likely to seek out engagement in fun adult cuddle time. In fact, one study shows that ultrarunners are better lovers. You can read that here*

There are simple ways to counteract, or prepare for, the negatives mentioned in the original video, and they simply do not outweigh all the beauty, brilliance, and benefits to your body that running “too much” can provide.

*this article is not from NIH, is not peer-reviewed, and is actually just fun click-bait, however, most people will read this one, and not the NIH, because sex sells, and pretty pictures are fun to look at. This post is intended to be a cheeky look at our (readers’) inclination to believe what we want, and trust articles that simply reaffirm our pre-existing bias. Writers often throw around the word “study” too casually, thus spreading unfounded ideas. Don’t be that guy. Instead, go run too much.


2 thoughts on “4 AMAZING things that happen to you when you run “too much”

  1. +1 for running “too much”, according to “science” I certainly run way too much but I don’t see my fragile body crying for help so I guess I got room to run even more.


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