Unogwaja Day 7

“The first rule of Fight Club, is: you do not talk about Fight Club”

Day 7 – Chris’s Story

Day 7 didn’t started out in a dreary way.  The external atmosphere was cold and rainy, allowing storm clouds to roll into the spirit of the group.  Looking up to the sky, it looked like we’d be battling this all day.  We started climbing early. As we gained elevation, so did the thermometer. It would get hot, we’d shed layers.  Then, we descended, and froze. There have been Broadway musicals with fewer wardrobe changes than this ride. It was obvious that Day 7 had no intention of being our friend.  Our group had many long cold climbs with warm descents.  The overcast skies held in all moisture, exacerbating both the heat and the cold.  We dubbed the day “Wacky Wednesday”, trying to assert some control over the wacked out conditions.  As the day went on, spirits rose despite (or perhaps in spite of) the weather. Mostly, this rise is good humour could be attributed to the addition of Crazy Tights.  Some of the Unogwaja brought shirts to match the crazy tights.  “Wacky Wednesday” was in full force.  For the first time during our construction-filled voyage, we made our first mistake.  We were descending after a traffic stop (one way traffic) and there was oncoming traffic.  Unfortunately, the guy managing the stop didn’t interven, leaving Stoff to step in,  stopping oncoming traffic with his truck, and preventing us from becoming human bowling pins. We safely made our way around, but it was way too close to being every cyclist’s worst nightmare. Eventually we made it to Maclear. Caltex provided the best spread we had seen so far, and we’d seen some pretty great hospitality!  After a short party, we went on to our hardest climb of the day.  The climb was tough, but as a team, we were able to make our way to the Country Club, where we would stay the night.  We took part in our nightly rituals, with the addition of the Caltex sponsorship.  It was a relaxing evening, and one of our only chances to cut loose.  Eventually, we all began to prepare for Day 8.

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