Summer Updates 1

Taking a break from Chris’s stories about Unogwaja, as he is enjoying watching the 2017 Challenge finish. They finished Day 10 and will soon be running the Comrades Marathon! I can’t wait to hear the rest of Chris’s tales of adventure. I know the Marathon especially was an amazing day for him. I won’t include any spoilers, but get excited! Here’s a link to live race results for this year.

As for me, I’ve finished school, watched all my seniors walk across the stage, and tried to relax. I’ve already read one novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood. It’s been on my list for a long time, and I finally got to read it. Y’all. If you like to feel broken, you should read this. But do yourself a favor, and avoid any film adaptations, or reviews, or new commentary until you’ve read it. Remember, this was written in 1985, so it’s not just some political response to 2017


The terrifying moment when you realize you’d be a Handmaid or and an Econowife

I also got to spend 5 hours with my favorite tattoo artist, Audrey, at Arsenal Tattoo & Design, in Bryan. She’s done all of my work, aside from two “I was 18” mistakes, and I firmly believe that you never cheat on tattoo artists, hair dressers, or massage therapists. I went in with a concept, and a Pinterest board, and she created this…

The quote is from Pride & Prejudice, which I know sounds basic AF, but it says, “an abominable sort of conceited independence”, which I love. The ram head is in honor of my maiden name, and because I completed my first 50K on the rocks of Bandera. I’ve named this guy Gordon, after my grandfather, who I lost when I was 18. He was steady as a rock, and a handsome devil. I’m proud to bring this incarnation of Gordon the Ram on all my future adventures.

What will the next adventure be? I am signed up for the Habanero Hundred 50K, put on by Trail Racing Over Texas. I’ve written about my love for TROT before, both here and on, and while I haven’t gotten to race with them much, I just love the energy Rob and Rachel Goyen put into their work. It’s a passion, and a family, and a beautiful thing to watch. I attempted the HH50K last year and DNF’d at mile 12. MILE 12 guys… This race is August 20th and begins at high noon. I had spent all summer running, but was unprepared for the heat and distance still. To combat that, this year, I hired a coach.

Ok, I kinda accidentally fell into hiring a coach, and I’m still shocked it’s real life. You know when you see things on Twitter that are all “hey sign up for this shit and you have a 1:1,000,000 chance of it ever being anything!”? Well, I did that. Jenn Shelton put on her twitter that she’d be accepting clients through her friends’ company, Trails and Tarmac. So, I pulled my best “what the hell”, and filled out the online form, then went on about my life. Until, that is, one night I was lying in bed at 10:30pm, checking my email, and there was a message from Jenn Shelton. In. My. Email… lil ol’ me! I fan-girled. I fan-girled hard. My husband laughed at me. It’s fine. He can laugh all he wants, because two days later I spoke with Jenn on the phone. Like, voice to voice guys. I know. *swoons*. She had chosen to work with me, even though she was only taking 10 clients and they had a lot of interest, because, duh, it’s Jenn Shelton, no big deal. And, AND!!!! She read my blog. This one. This blog that you’re reading? She read some of it, too. *breathes into brown paper sack* So, I started my first week of Jenn-built training, exactly 2 days after getting a giant rib tattoo. I don’t know if any of you have rib tattoos… but it’s like running with a bunch of bruised ribs and skin that has been cheese-grated. Every step hurts, on both legs, not just the leg with a tattoo above it. I’m sure at this point she thinks I am the most ridiculous human ever, which I am, but I don’t even care. It’s summer. I have a rad new tattoo, my running idol is my coach, and nanner nanner boo boo, life is awesome. This is all proof that you should try anything, because cool shit happens. There is absolutely ZERO reason Jenn Shelton should be wasting her time coaching someone like me, but I’ll take it and run with it (heh – puns) for as long as I can, because life is about being ridiculous.

35 mins

Just sending my coach updates…

Now, I need to start my second novel of the summer, Bless Me, Ultima, by Rudolfo Anaya. Has anyone read it? What is your favorite book? This English teacher has to know! My favorites are:

  1. All the Pretty Horses, Cormac McCarthy
  2. The Roundhouse, Lousie Eldrich
  3. Kindred, Octavia Butler

I also like memoirs, specifically anything by Jenny Lawson, but my favorite is Scar Tissue, by Anthony Keidis from Red Hot Chili Peppers. He’s lived a life! Whew!

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