An Ode to Taco Cabana Bean Tacos

My body is depleted after running under God's broiler, set on high. Texas' July sun has no friends - only weak underlings it enjoys frying like ants under a plastic magnifying lens from a $5 science kit. I am overcooked, only not-burnt thanks to my blankie of spf 80, the chosen armour of the gingers. … Continue reading An Ode to Taco Cabana Bean Tacos

Am I a real runner?

What makes a real runner? We tell new runners that simply running makes one a runner. We tell them that pace and distance don't matter, that once they've gone left foot, right foot, repeat, that they are runners. Simultaneously, however, seasoned runners start making checklists for themselves on what is required to be a real … Continue reading Am I a real runner?

Rocky Mountain High – a family vacation

For the first time since our honeymoon (2009), we took a real vacation. Thanks to the Miller Family, we were able to spend SEVEN DAYS in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. For four flatlanders, this was a huge deal. I like to consider us a family of runners, including the 4 yr old, so a week … Continue reading Rocky Mountain High – a family vacation