Rocky Mountain High – a family vacation

For the first time since our honeymoon (2009), we took a real vacation. Thanks to the Miller Family, we were able to spend SEVEN DAYS in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. For four flatlanders, this was a huge deal. I like to consider us a family of runners, including the 4 yr old, so a week at altitude was an absolute dream. We hiked, we ran, we climbed, we ate way too much pizza. David and I both thrive in nature, away from crowds and chaos. We try to raise our kids under my mom’s idea of “Outside: Good”. Over the next few posts, I’ll be remembering our time up north. Not included will be the looooo-ooooooo-oooooong drives from Texas to Colorado, and back again. Let’s just say that 4 outdoorsy people in a car for 2 days each way made for one funky 4runner.


This was the first real snow I’ve ever seen

On our first full day at altitude, we went on a nearly 10 mile hike that included 2100 feet of elevation gain. Terrell, our guide, does not believe in time to acclimate, apparently. But, like I always say, “what can’t kill you isn’t worth it”. There were trees, snow, rocks, and two gorgeous lakes. We reached Black Lake as a family (+Terrell), and left Logen for a rest while we headed on toward Frozen Lake. Unfortunately, on the way to Frozen, I saw my first snow hill. I made it up, slowly, but was then smacked in the face with slippery rocks of death. Full disclosure, the snow mentally did me in, and the rocks were just too much. We bailed on getting to Frozen Lake, and began the trek down the snow field. Y’all. This Texas girl was unprepared for the snow+downhill. I made the boys go on ahead, and proceeded to fall a lot, get really mad, nearly cry, throw a snowball at nothing, and curse loudly and often. David tried to wait for me at the bottom of the hill, because he loves me, but I aggressively waved him off, because I prefer to suffer in private. The next day, my most sore muscles were in my arms from repeatedly catching myself before falling to my death on the snow.


Terrell leading us towards Frozen Lake


When I got off the snow field, my mood was dark. Terrell tried to joke me out of it, and was probably met with a death stare like he had never experienced.  I guess I forgot to warn him about the Lisa demon. Fortunately, the dragon went back to her cave (fairly) quickly, and we were able to hit the descents. Fellow hikers said they had seen a bear right where we were headed, but we were’t lucky enough to see it. We did see some chipmunks.


The death hill, with Black Lake in the background. PC Terrell Miller

By the end of that day, I knew I could do more. I was addicted to this new feeling, and I wanted to be in these mountains every single day of my life. Except for the days that had snow. I’m not about that life.


David pointing out things and stuff. PC Logen


The Family. PC Terrell Miller

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