InkNBurn Shorts Review

This summer, I had the opportunity to review a pair of long shorts for InkNBurn. I had thoughts. Most of those were positive! Definitely will be buying more of these! Read on…

INKnBURN is a company known for vibrant, fun patterns, and limited editions of items. Part of the appeal is their ever-rotating collections and new patterns. The 6” Spring short includes two pockets, large enough for most phones and/or gels, and a fold-over waistband. This waistband allows runners to achieve full-coverage or hip-hugger looks, as desired. The drawstring is a universal piece of elastic, thus removing all worries of string disappearance in the wash. The 6” short is available in a variety of patterns, including a sugar skull pattern (want this one!), denim with flowers (sold out), and a darker pattern with floral accent (sold out). The pattern on the Spring 6” is reminiscent of bionic woman meets Tin Man meets off-road suspension. Rivets, side-staggered sheet metal and brushed sheet metal textures contribute to the tough look of these thigh-hugging beauties. (wow Perky, you know way too much about sheet metal – yeah, daddy was a machinist)

20170708_184803The Wear: I love the feel of these shorts. Although I am thicker thighed, I normally prefer a shorter short. However, when I had these on, I never thought about them. I didn’t have to adjust, lube, or wiggle. They stay in place, with absolutely zero ride up. On a hot run in Austin, TX I was able to fold the shorts up, under the pockets, to achieve a shorter look, and still had no ride up or chafing. These shorts really seem to lock into place. I tried to wear the waistband folded over, but that look is seemingly reserved for the flab-free. My “mommy muffin” was too powerful, and just made the shorts ride down into an uncomfortable position. This is not the fault of the shorts. Mommy Muff is real guys…

Still, these shorts allowed me to hike up mountains with my family, scrambling up boulders, moving my legs in ways this flat-lander is unaccustomed to. They remained snugly in place with each giant step.


The Look: I have to admit; when I first opened the packaging, I was not thrilled with the pattern. It felt dull compared to the INKnBURN shorts I had seen in the past. I looked at their site and began pining for the sugar skulls 6” short. They are so joyful looking! Bold! Exciting! These were grey. When I tried them on in front of the mirror, I got pretty down. The middle portion of the short is a lighter grey than the outer portions, thus accentuating the center of your body. I found this to make my tushy look very droopy. When I saw the “behind” photos from the trail, my worries were confirmed. This pattern is not for me.20170627_175755

20170708_184911 (1)

Overall: These shorts are great! I will definitely be ordering from INKnBURN in the future. Their products are high-quality and comfortable. I enjoyed being on the trails without having to worry about the fate of my thighs. I’ll just be looking for more shape-enhancing patterns in the future. Luckily, I know InkNBurn will continue coming out with bold, colorful, fun patterns! 

Thank you, InkNBurn, for making shorts for a real woman, and for the opportunity to review your product. Great company, great product!


2 thoughts on “InkNBurn Shorts Review

  1. I love Inknburn designs, sadly we cannot get it in the UK and when I was in the States at Christmas I could not find a stockists. Once day I will just splurge and buy something from them!


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