Shoe Drop Questions Answered

Just kidding! You should all know by now that I don’t actually know useful science, in this capacity. However, if you’d like to discuss the deleterious effects of estrogen on the rat middle cerebral artery, or the systemic hypotensive effects of testosterone, I can totally hang. This post, however, will be mostly ridiculousness.

  1. What is “shoe drop?” – the height difference between the front of the shoe and the back of the shoe, or toe to heel. Most people understand this concept when discussing stilettos. Here’s a visual:

    This is a 6″ drop. It is a 6″ heel and a 0″ toe. 6-0=6 #math

    6 inch with platform

    This is probably only a 4″ drop. 6″ heel, and 2″ platform. 6-2=4

    2. “Why does this matter?” – Well, your foot is kinda important to running. Duh. There’s all kinds of science. Also, while I have your attention, when you’re googling for research, add “nih” to the end of your search phrase to pull up peer-reviewed scientific studies based on, I dunno, science?

    That’s all the questions we need to discuss for this post though, because it’s not about that. It’s about my love for shoes, and the power of a good shoe. My husband will tell you that I have too many shoes, and maybe he is right. However, I have far fewer shoes than, say, Carrie Bradshaw, so there’s that. Also, most of my too-many-shoes are running shoes. Do you have a brand? I’m an Altra girl, and a part-time Lunatic. I’m currently in love with my Superior 3.0 trail shoes, and my Torins. Maybe I’m having a small love affair with On Cloud, but Altra is my main squeeze. Lunas are my go-to for life, and I’m starting to run short distances in them.

    Something about each of these shoes makes me feel legit. My legs feel strong and ready. I see them sitting on the floor, and I can hear the rhythm of my feet on the road. It’s tantalizing. As I prepare for a run, I find myself asking my body what it needs that day. Sensations begin to crawl from my toes to my heels to my calves, and up my leg, asking for the shoe needed for that day – the cushion of Torin for tired soles, the ground feel of On Cloud for a soul needing a tarmac hug, Superiors for the root-glittered rollercoasters of Octopus (my favorite portion of a local trail), or the deep breaths offered by the openness of Luna. I love my shoes.


    This is normal, right? Also, where ARE my On Clouds???

    Still, while I am a runner, I’m not just a runner. I’m a woman, and an educator, and a badass. So, when I’m not in a sub-4mm drop, I’m in a 4″ drop, or better. Wedges, stilettos, booties, platforms are all signs to the world of my mood. Just as runs dictate the rubber under my feet, work and life influence the leather. My wedges make me feel flirty, playful, open to the experiences of the day. These straps of leather and macrame keep me feeling light, and positive, but grounded. I wear these when life feels like a dance, and I can’t stop moving. If you’re a Target girl, you know that MadPaw sells their lace-up booties in multiple colors. I own black, and brown, allowing my casual, but professional, personality to shine in any situation. I am comfortable, relaxed, and ready for anything the day throws my way. The masculine undertone in these shoes instills a boldness in my spirit – a machismo, if you will. And on days I need to appear in total control, I break out the grey suede stilettos. Something about a stiletto, right? Something that creates a sense of wonder and fear in the observer. Something that makes people look at you and not know whether to run or swoon. These shoes exude a confidence that travels up my legs, and into my eyes. I feel like I can conquer the world. And I will.

    I don’t know what it is about shoes, or why they so deeply affect my mood, but they do, and I’m glad to have them. Each pair is an anchor to part of my personality, and a safety net for the tasks of the day. A new shoe can open a door to your confidence, and remind you that you are more than capable. You are enough. You are a badass. Chingona. In charge of your story.


    Be every bit of you, every single day

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