Rocky Raccoon 50M Race Report – the race that never was

As a brief recap, my running world has been great this year. I was accepted by Jenn Shelton for coaching last spring, and have thus gotten stronger and faster and more confident. After some months working together, we decided I was ready for a 50 miler. I chose Rocky. In January, I was accepted by … Continue reading Rocky Raccoon 50M Race Report – the race that never was

Race Report: Mission Tejas 50K

Mission Tejas is a new race put on by my favorite race putters-onners, Trail Racing Over Texas. It is the third of their races I've signed up for, and the first I have finished. One day, I'll write about Satan's Ballsack Habanero Hundred, but for now, let's let that beast lie. Mission Tejas is located in … Continue reading Race Report: Mission Tejas 50K

Unogwaja – Comrades Day

Day 11 - Chris's Story Comrades Day.  Most of you know the importance of Comrades Marathon.  It is the oldest, and largest, ultra-marathon in the world.  Comrades has an energy that I can only try to describe.  Every year since the start, in 1921, the race has switched directions; one year runs from Durban to Pietermaritzburg … Continue reading Unogwaja – Comrades Day

Pandora’s Box of Rox – Race Report 2017

As a student, I remember learning that a good writer never let's the truth stand in the way of a good story. Because of this, I always read race descriptions as though they are pieces of creative fiction. They are not. Pandora's Box of Rox is full of rocks. Small rocks, big rocks, loose rocks, … Continue reading Pandora’s Box of Rox – Race Report 2017

First Year Races, and why you should run them

Often, experienced ultrarunners tell new runners that they shouldn’t run a race that is in its first year. So much goes into both running and hosting a race, and the fewer things that can be left unknown, the better for the new runner. Nerves are always high, especially if a runner has put six months, … Continue reading First Year Races, and why you should run them