Race Report: Mission Tejas 50K

Mission Tejas is a new race put on by my favorite race putters-onners, Trail Racing Over Texas. It is the third of their races I've signed up for, and the first I have finished. One day, I'll write about Satan's Ballsack Habanero Hundred, but for now, let's let that beast lie. Mission Tejas is located in … Continue reading Race Report: Mission Tejas 50K

Unogwaja Challenge – Arrival & Day 1

The Unogwaja series of blogs will be a collaborative between myself and Unogwaja Chris Adams. Please join us for the stories, the questions, the self-reflection. Feel free to shoot questions into the comment section and Perky will make sure Chris sees them. Chris Adams: It has taken me a full year to bring myself to … Continue reading Unogwaja Challenge – Arrival & Day 1

What type of runner are you? And does it matter?

We say lots of things, us runners, and we say them with the conviction of a late-life convert.  We say it's mind over matter. We say it's left foot right foot, repeat. We say it's about rest days. It's about heart rate. It's about nutrition. Latest fads in gear. Zero drop. k-tape. yoga? We revere … Continue reading What type of runner are you? And does it matter?

First Year Races, and why you should run them

Often, experienced ultrarunners tell new runners that they shouldn’t run a race that is in its first year. So much goes into both running and hosting a race, and the fewer things that can be left unknown, the better for the new runner. Nerves are always high, especially if a runner has put six months, … Continue reading First Year Races, and why you should run them