Race Report: Mission Tejas 50K

Mission Tejas is a new race put on by my favorite race putters-onners, Trail Racing Over Texas. It is the third of their races I've signed up for, and the first I have finished. One day, I'll write about Satan's Ballsack Habanero Hundred, but for now, let's let that beast lie. Mission Tejas is located in … Continue reading Race Report: Mission Tejas 50K

Women on the trail – thoughts on feminism in running

Anthropology teaches us that, in the animal kingdom, females of a species often exist among their own sex, separate from their male counterparts. Together, they gather food, prepare and maintain shelters and territories, and raise the group’s young. While that may seem either awful, or amazing, depending on whether your husband has recently left dirty … Continue reading Women on the trail – thoughts on feminism in running